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Mother and daughter need accommodation in the Missenden area

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are looking for a second host family who could temporarily provide us an opportunity to stay in Great Britain.

There are two of us – me, my name is Natalia and my daughter, Serafima. She is 13 and is a pupil of class 8 at The Misbourne School.

Let me start from describing us and our lifestyle, because I suppose it is very important to understand with whom you are sharing a house and time.

We are goal-oriented ladies, each of us in her own domain. I am a consultant for organizations and a business psychologist. I help companies to understand if a person is in the right place. Also my work is connected with the development of managers in organizations. I am currently looking for work and hope to be in employment soon.

Serafima is a social and organized person. She sets targets for herself in terms of what knowledge and marks she would like to get. She is working hard at her English at the moment. She likes to communicate with her friends, so she has a few friends in The Misbourne School already.

We of course have hobbies. I like reading psychological and philosophical books and studying Socratic dialogue, for example. Serafima also likes reading. At the moment she is fond of biographies and detective stories.

We have common interests as well – we like to spend time together, play board games, share news and troubles. We also love travelling and skiing.

We are very warm and friendly. It might be quite difficult for us to be in a critical atmosphere, and we would thrive in warm and supportive surroundings. People say that we are easy going, comfortable to be with, value friendship and respect other people.

We would love to meet a family who, like us, are comfortable to be with, show mutual respect and we can become friends.

With kind regards,

Natalia Sushko