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Notes from a Ukrainian woman

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Notes of a Ukrainian woman who is waiting for a Visa and will arrive in the UK soon

I am scared I have been in a state of fear for my life and my children for quite a long time.

My life has collapsed, everything I worked for for years has disappeared and will never return.

I am separated from loved ones and friends. I am lonely.

I do not understand with whom I will live in a house in the UK and I am scared again.

It would be nice:

  • If people who accepted me gave me 5 to 7 days to stay at least in a little isolation so that I could realise that I am safe.
  • If I am ready to share with you my emotions from the experience and the war, I will start speaking first, my heart hurts very much, you don’t need to touch it with questions.
  • If I find the strength and offer you help around the house, give me something to do at least something.
  • Maybe I will do something bad, but I need to start doing something.
  • I want to joke and smile so as not to forget that I am alive, please joke with me.