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Peace in the Park

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A festival with a big mission brought Chesham community together during the weekend.

Almost 2000 people came for Peace in the Park festival to enjoy music and performances from local musicians, young speakers on stage, the inter-faith community, and a tribute to late Queen Elizabeth in Chesham’s Lowndes Park on Saturday.

One of the speakers was the founder of the non-profit organisation Peace One Day Jeremy Gilley, who helped to promote peace in Afghanistan. 

At the centre of the day was a “deeply moving moment of intercultural appreciation and understanding” when the Ukrainian speakers and singers took to the stage to share what leaving your home felt like, organisers Parveiz Aslam and Adrian Begin said.

Support for Ukrainians in the Chilterns
Support for Ukrainians in the Chilterns

Hilltops Ukrainian Support Community featured prominently in The Bucks Free Press article.

This year there was a big welcome for our Ukrainian friends and the Ukrainian community took an active part in the event. 

HUSC community members including Inna’s children and Zarina sang songs and danced on stage.

Tania Orlova gave an introduction to the songs and we finished with everyone singing Oy u Luzi Chervona Kalyna.